About Us

YIYI DAILY is a website for sharing information on social events, bringing unique and interesting analysis to readers, hoping to get a new perspective in everyone’s discussion.

Our website shares information in the form of a diary, and readers learn some new knowledge by reading a diary every day.

Our team has professional text editors in different fields, such as journalism, history teachers, etc., hoping to publish their life experience and professional knowledge on the website.

Although we have only created four content categories for the time being, we hope to be able to edit the contents of these four areas in more depth and give everyone a more exciting information view. In the future, we may continue to add different content categories, I hope everyone will continue to follow us!

Our Team

Eric Roberts

A host, who has worked in newspapers and television stations for more than 6 years, is provided with professional and reliable writing skills.

Roy Rubin

A history teacher, who loved studying history from an early age, so he grew up to become a history teacher. In addition, he is also passionate about writing and often publishes his own articles on large websites.

Iva Kingsbury

A senior journalist, who has been engaged in journalism and media industry since graduation from university. She has rich experience in editing.

Kathleen Burch

A hostess, who has experienced hosting skills and is easy-going that can bring happiness to her friends. She likes to make friends and writes about her interesting daily life.