How is the air quality in Hong Kong? Ecological governance is urgent

The environment is destroyed. It is not only the environment that is polluted, but also people’s moods and health. We should take good care of the environment and start with everyone.

The quality of air is related to whether a city is livable. Therefore, everyone can see that the top few places in the list of livable cities each year are cities with a good ecological environment.

In recent years, the ranking of Hong Kong ’s global livable cities has continued to decline, and it has also highlighted various problems of Hong Kong. Among them, Hong Kong ’s air quality is also one of the reasons for its continuous decline.

Status of Hong Kong Air Quality

In the ranking of global livable cities published by international human resources agencies for three consecutive years, Hong Kong’s ranking has been declining. More and more Hong Kong people are not satisfied with the air quality of their cities.

First of all, due to the small size of Hong Kong and the huge population movement, the population density ranks among the top in the country. With such a dense population, Hong Kong ’s transportation is very developed. Every day on the road, cars and public transportation of Mercedes The endless stream has exhausted a lot of exhaust gas, which has aggravated the air pollution in Hong Kong.

Secondly, in addition to the financial and service industries that Hong Kong is proud of, it also needs an industrial zone. The waste discharged by its thermal power plants and factories also affects the air quality of the city. At the same time, the industry in the Pearl River Delta District waste emissions will also affect the air quality of Hong Kong cities.

Harm caused by poor air quality

1.Poor air will cause acute harm

If the factory area in Hong Kong emits a large number of pollutants in a short period of time and does not dissipate it in time, these harmful gases are likely to cause acute harm to the residents around the factory area in a short time, and the residents may be acute Respiratory diseases, even poisoning. Therefore, the waste discharge in the factory area must comply with the relevant environmental protection regulations, otherwise, it will cause huge harm.

2.The poor air quality will also cause chronic harm

Although the exhaust emissions of the factory area and vehicles will not exceed the current standards, they are within the controllable range. If residents live in this environment for a long time and inhale many harmful substances, they will slowly invade their own respiratory system and cause chronic respiratory diseases.

3.Poor air will also cause long-term harm to everyone

Many harmful substances do not feel any when inhaled in a small amount, but these harmful substances exist in the human body all year round, and it is very likely that lesions will occur, leading to the appearance of some malignant tumors.

The ecological environment governance is urgent

Faced with the decline in air quality, the Hong Kong government has also adopted a series of measures to manage it. Starting in 2019, the Hong Kong SAR Government has implemented new vehicle emission standards, and tightened the statutory waste emission standards for non-motor vehicles, and implemented strict air pollution control.

In the formulation of standards, the Hong Kong Environmental Management Agency strictly refers to the standards of the European Union and the United States, and puts forward higher requirements for air treatment. At the same time, the government is also fully funding the transformation of public transportation, and electric buses are constantly being put into market operation, limiting waste emissions at the source.


The air quality of Hong Kong affects people ’s lives and the image of the city. Therefore, the government and Hong Kong residents need to work together to create an ecological environment that everyone loves

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