What are the advantages of compulsory education in Hong Kong?

Education not only instills knowledge in the students but also ignites a fire in their hearts so that they can get the maximum benefit from their studies.

Education can cultivate large-scale useful talents for a country or region, so each region is vigorously promoting education. China has taken revitalizing the country through science and education as a basic policy and has achieved many achievements.

In Hong Kong, due to the official administration’s emphasis and support over the years, the city’s education industry is booming. Many parents send their children to this metropolis to participate in compulsory education and learning in the Pearl of Orient when they are young. So, what are the advantages of compulsory education in the city?

1. Hong Kong’s education system

If you want to know the advantages of HK education, you must first understand the education system in this city. In this metropolis, the path for each child’s education is usually three years in kindergarten, six years in elementary school, three years in junior high school, and three years in high school. After high school, children can enter social work or Is to continue undergraduate studies.

According to the city’s preferential education policy, it has implemented a free compulsory education system for many years, ranging from kindergartens to high schools, and tuition for public schools is free. Such preferential policies have brought great dividends to the education circle of “Oriental Pearl” and ensured that citizens’ education from childhood to adulthood is fully guaranteed. The policy has been implemented since 2017 and has become a major educational reform initiative that has shocked the world. It has received widespread praise and recognition, laying a good foundation for the city to continue to build talents.

2. Compulsory education combining Chinese and Western

Many parents are willing to send their children to junior high school and high school in HK. They are optimistic about the superiority of city education. Its most distinctive feature is the combination of Chinese and western. Since the Pearl of Orient was originally under British jurisdiction, after the return to the motherland, it continued to follow the European education model, giving students unlimited freedom and creativity. At the same time, the education sector of Hong Kong after the return of the Pearl of Orient to the Chinese traditional culture as a professor’s top priority, to ensure the continuous inheritance of Chinese culture.

In the context of continuous Chinese and western cultures, students can draw on the best of Chinese and western cultures and integrate Chinese and western cultures, broadening their horizons and making their thinking more forward-looking and international characteristics.

In terms of language learning, as Hong Kong is a diverse society, students need to be proficient in Mandarin, Cantonese, and English so that they can communicate and interact better. This enables each student to master many languages ​​at the same time, and to help students in future Foreign development has laid a good foundation.

3. Focus on practical education and divergent thinking

Hong Kong and the mainland generally have different exam-oriented education ideas. This metropolitan education focuses more on cultivating students’ comprehensive and practical abilities. They are more to guide students to think divergently and to do things, rather than just to enter the exam. I’m buried in the test paper every day. In this city, children will have a variety of extra-curricular practice activities. Not only can they practice what they think and practice, but they are also imbued with the idea of ​​volunteering from a young age. On the local streets, we can often see student volunteers.


Since the implementation of compulsory education in the city for many years, the overall cultural standards of citizens have been greatly improved. Depending on these emerging talents, society will have a better tomorrow.

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