What are the options for the Department of Education? Is education good?

How many educational universities are there, can I only choose educational universities? An article for you to understand the Department of Education, The Chinese University of Hong Kong.

CUHK has been pursuing new domain knowledge for so many years since its establishment, providing students with a better environment for learning, setting up HKPFS, and allowing students to study in a high-quality environment.

The school’s curriculum is diversified, not only provides bachelor’s degree courses, but also offers Masters of Translation in Japanese,Arts,Music, graduate degree and other courses to meet the educational needs of all students. Although many people do not understand management courses, the Master of Public Health course is quite good. Interested students can collect more relevant information.

The origin of education and the future development of Hong Kong education

Education has a long history in China, even dating back to the Xia Dynasty. However, looking back in history, the most famous may be the grand occasion of the 100 schools of scholars in the Spring and Autumn Period. Confucius’s extensive collection of disciples passed on scriptures and was also referred to as “the master of all ages” by later generations. Due to the gradual spread of Confucianism, more and more dynasties paid attention to the establishment of schools. Until the gradual decline of the Qing Dynasty at the end of the 19th century, Western educational models were gradually introduced into China, and Chinese education was modernized.

In Hong Kong, the official emergence of primary school 6 years of free education in 1971, and in 2007 so far in, has been adopted 12 years of free Jiaoyuzhiduo ( three hundred thirty-four school system ). Looking back on the past, Chinese education has been affected by factors such as war, politics, and the economy. It has evolved from the previous four books, five classics, and eight-part essays to the subjects of Chinese, English, and mathematics.

In recent years, the birth rate in Hong Kong has continued to decline, and cross-border schoolchildren and new immigrants have decreased. The society’s demand for schools has fallen sharply, and even some areas have “killed schools”. Other schools can only maintain sufficient class numbers to avoid bankruptcy by reducing the number of classes. At the same time, whether it is elementary school, middle school, or university, there are differences in ranking levels. Students tend to go to schools with higher rankings, and schools also tend to recruit students with better grades. This phenomenon has led to increasing differences in student achievement levels, and people have subconsciously assumed that the lower-ranked primary and secondary school students are those who have missed universities.

However, even under such severe circumstances, many students still choose the Department of Education every year when they apply for university majors, hoping to become a primary and secondary school teacher in the future. These people are nothing more than a few reasons, one is like in the education industry, hope to be able to help the younger generation of students through education to achieve their dreams and aspirations; the second is that the Department of Education good working conditions, pay high operating stability, hope Be able to do this kind of “iron rice bowl” work. The third is affected by personal experience. Perhaps most of the family members are engaged in the education industry or have been greatly influenced by teachers in their past careers, and I also hope to engage in this aspect of work.

With the rapid development of science and technology, the modern education model is different from the traditional education model. In school classrooms, we can see the combination of technological equipment and teach everywhere, such as the use of projectors in courseware instead of traditional blackboard writing, students using tablet computers to rush to answer, and the online learning platform launched by Education City. These are just the tip of the iceberg, and there is even VR technology combined with courses to give students a deeper experience. In addition, the teaching mode has also changed at different times. Affected by the 2019 new crown virus, schools have been closed and closed to reduce the chance of transmission of infection among students. However, during the suspension of classes, students cannot stop studying, because the passage of time does not stop. Therefore, there has been an online teaching model. Teachers and students use video software to teach online. This model completely breaks the traditional offline teaching model and has a certain impact on the work of teachers.

Hong Kong’s education sector has promoted integrated education in recent years. Whether it is the integration of technology and teaching or the integration of special education and general education, these situations have never been seen before. Though will be under a different background to bring some changes to the education sector, development is inseparable from every era of promoting education. The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government invests about one-fifth of its resources in expenditure every year. Therefore, we can see that education has become an indispensable and important part of society.

What do I need to know before entering the Department of Education?

Everyone wants to be a well-respected teacher who teaches preaching, but at the same time, they also face corresponding practical problems. You may have the ability to choose whether to become a teacher, but you may not necessarily have the ability to choose teaching objects. Therefore, in the teaching work, the problems faced are all sorts of strange, not as beautiful as imagined in my heart.

To early childhood education, for example, perhaps you want to learn in kindergarten in the laughter and lively kids, everyone enjoyed it. But the reality may be facing the children are very stubborn, but relatively speaking too lively, cause you can not control in classroom management.

Taking elementary education as an example, students are in a period of mental development and physical development. Relatively speaking, they will love to play and show themselves. How to maintain the image of a majestic and kind teacher in the teaching process is a major challenge.

Take the middle school as an example. At this time, students will be in adolescence, and they will want to be recognized more than in elementary school. They will also have more independent thinking and self-awareness. As a middle school teacher, you must learn how to get along with students. All these problems and challenges may not seem difficult, but in practice, it may be a different situation, completely different from what was expected. If you can’t imagine that scene, you can compare the worst situation you encountered during your primary and middle school career, and how the teacher responded to it.

In addition, there is another special field, that is, special education. Special education is not uncommon in Hong Kong. Many schools are set up with pure special education. What we mean by special here is not students with extraordinary intelligence or talents, but students with special diseases who need special education. These students may have some problems in spirit, intelligence, emotion, etc. , so they cannot be taught in the same way as ordinary students. As a teacher in a special education school, you need to be more patient, caring, and empathetic than teachers in other schools to treat students, so as to meet the original intent of education. These abilities are not entirely dependent on innateness, but may also be cultivated and formed. Therefore, several factors are usually considered when interviewing students in the Department of Education.

  • 1. Are you interested in this subject, such as Chinese, English, mathematics, etc.
  • 2, whether aspiring to become teachers, rather than simply like teacher salary
  • 3. Whether you are passionate about teaching, and give up without encountering difficulties

If you have the qualifications to become a professional teacher in these areas, then you can choose to enter the Department of Education, but you must also understand the relevant knowledge, such as the meaning and definition of education.

The meaning of education

The meaning of education has always been different. Some refer to the purpose of enlightening the people, and some refer to preaching and teaching. The president of Peking University, Mr. Cai Yuanpei, who pioneered the style of “academic” and “freedom”, believes that education is the foundation of the country, and the significance of education is to cultivate students’ five educations simultaneously to form a personal personality, rather than a unified idea. This theory directly promoted the development of modern Chinese education, making Chinese education no longer restricted to traditional feudal forms.

Education definition

The definition of education can be large or small. In a broad sense, all activities that teach others to increase their moral character through the spread of knowledge are education. In a narrow sense, all the activities in the school are for education. Therefore, education is not singular, it can be very broad and common in society. At all times, to explain the definition of education have been few, each saying Jie supporter, not based on a theory of respect. Therefore, in the mind of every teacher, the definition and meaning of education may be different, depending on personal experience and understanding.

What are the options for the degree courses of the College of Education and the Department of Education ( take cuhk as an example )

In 1917, the University of Hong Kong set up a teacher training system, and in 1984 founded the University of Hong Kong Institute of Education. In 1965, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, the Chinese University of Hong Kong Institute of Education was established, providing a one-year Diploma in Education so far. In 1994,  5 teachers’ college merged into the Hong Kong Institute of Education, and in 2016 officially became a Hong Kong university education, which is the only one so the University of Hong Kong-based teacher education. The following will take the Faculty of Education of the Chinese University of Hong Kong as an example to introduce the relevant degree courses and education department courses.

1. Bachelor of Arts ( Chinese Language Studies ) and Bachelor of Education ( Chinese Language Education )

This course hopes that through the five-year learning model, students can master sufficient knowledge of Chinese language, language, and literature, and at the same time master the teaching and language skills that Chinese language teachers should have. Moreover, this is a dual degree program. Students who pass this program not only have a Bachelor of Arts in Chinese Language Studies but also a Bachelor of Education in the Chinese Language. The following is the specific course content : ( Because the course content is too much, here are only three examples )


Language Education Law

Education Research Division

2. Chinese Language Education Master of Arts Program

This course is specifically aimed at in-service Chinese language teachers or people engaged in Chinese education-related work. By a two-year to four years of the part-time model, enhance students’ educational methods skills and abilities in the Chinese language subjects, promote Chinese teachers in Hong Kong to enhance the overall quality. The following is the specific course content : ( Because the course content is too much, here are only three examples )

Literary Theory and Chinese Teaching

Chinese language teaching project study

Analysis of Quantitative Data Management in Educational Research

3. Bachelor of Arts ( English Language Studies ) and Bachelor of Education ( English Language Education )

This course hopes that through the five-year learning model, students can master enough English language-related theoretical knowledge, and at the same time, they can also master English language-related education methods to become a qualified primary and secondary school English teacher. It is worth mentioning that this is also a dual degree course. Students who pass this course not only have a Bachelor of Arts in English Language Studies, but also a Bachelor of Education in the English Language. The following is the specific course content : ( Because the course content is too much, here are only three examples )

English in popular culture

Information and Multimedia Technology and English Teaching

School guidance and guidance

4. Master of Arts in English Teaching

This course is specifically for in-service English teachers or those who wish to engage in English education-related work. Through a two- to four-year part-time system, students will improve their theoretical knowledge and ability in English teaching, and promote the overall quality improvement of English teachers in Hong Kong. The following is the specific course content : ( Because the course content is too much, here are only three examples )

Word formation and syntax in English teaching

The psychological and social aspects of language

Professional Development and English Teaching

5. Bachelor of Education ( Mathematics and Mathematics Education ) degree program

The course is hoping to train a group of mathematics teachers who has professional knowledge of mathematics and mathematics teaching knowledge, able to lead effectively in, students learn mathematics, the formation of independent thinking. The following is the specific course content : ( Because the course content is too much, here are only three examples )

Fundamentals of Modern Mathematics

Teaching of geometry and sense of space

Child and Youth Development

6. Master of Science in Mathematics Education

This course is specifically aimed at in-service mathematics teachers in primary and secondary schools or those who wish to engage in mathematics teaching-related work. By a two-year to four years of part-time mode, to enhance students’ knowledge and teaching ability in mathematics, to promote the development of Hong Kong Mathematics and Mathematics teachers. The following is the specific course content : ( Because the course content is too much, here are only three examples )

Mathematics curriculum and assessment in education reform

Foundation of Advanced Mathematics

Learning science and its enlightenment in teaching

7. Bachelor of Science ( Sports Science and Health Education ) Course ( two-year system )

This course is specifically for students who are interested in sports and health education. Through this two-year course, students will have a better understanding of human health issues and the related effects of sports. Those who have completed the course can work in industries or institutions such as fitness management, disciplinary forces, and sports associations. The following is the specific course content: (Because the course content is too much, here are only three examples)

Functional human anatomy and sports injuries

Sports and sports administration

Sports and health education and promotion

8. Bachelor of Education ( Health and Sports Science ) degree program

This course aims to enable students to master the knowledge of health, physical education, sports science, and other fields through the five-year course study, and master the relevant teaching methods and abilities of physical education, so as to become a qualified middle school, elementary school, college and other places Professional physical education teacher. The following is the specific course content: (Because the course content is too much, here are only three examples)

Physical fitness training method for promoting health and athletic performance

Basic sports statistics , testing and measurement

Introduction to Sports Biomechanics

9. Master of Education ( Sports and Science ) Course

This course is provided to in-service PE teachers. Through two to four years of part-time study or one to three years of full-time study mode, you can acquire more knowledge about sports science and combine your previous work experience to improve your teaching ability. The following is the specific course content: (Because the course content is too much, here are only three examples)

Sports Science and Sports Research Method

Physical stress and benefits of exercise

Research on the Sociology of Sports

10. Master of Science ( Sports Science and Physical Activity ) Course

The courses are available to people interested in learning about physical activity and sports science disciplines related knowledge, such as athletes, physical education teachers, health care professionals, and so on. Through this course, they can master more knowledge in sports psychology, sports biomechanics, and other fields, and help them apply professional knowledge in their work and improve their own abilities. The following is the specific course content: (Because the course content is too much, here are only three examples)

Sports nutrition : health and performance

Motor Skill Learning : Theory and Application

Advanced Physical Fitness Assessment : Theory and Practice

11, Zhe Master of Science ( Tiyuyundong Science ) courses

This course is based on research and is provided to those who are interested in conducting research in the field of sports science. By learning related topics, conducted under the guidance of Professor research, promote the development of the discipline. The part-time mode does not exceed five years, and the full-time mode does not exceed four years. The following is the specific course content : ( Because the course content is too much, here are only three examples )

Sports biomechanics

Exercise Physiology

Sports psychology

12. Doctor of Philosophy ( Education – Sports Science ) Course

This course is based on research and is provided to those who are interested in conducting research in the field of sports science. By learning related topics, conducted under the guidance of Professor research, promote the development of the discipline. The part-time mode does not exceed eight years, and the full-time mode does not exceed seven years. The following is the specific course content : ( Because the course content is too much, here are only three examples )

Policy , design and practice of sports curriculum

Physical Education and Sports Education

Sports measurement

13. Bachelor of Arts ( Early Childhood Education ) Degree Program

This course is designed for students who have the basic theoretical knowledge of children and hold higher diploma students who are qualified as kindergarten teachers. By a two-year full-time study mode, will learn the knowledge and teaching skills during the comprehensive development of young children, will train you to become a more professional knowledge and ability of early childhood educators. The following is the specific course content : ( Because the course content is too much, here are only three examples )

Children’s games in early childhood education

Leadership and management of the early childhood education scene

Value Education in Early Childhood Education

14. Bachelor of Education ( Early Childhood Education ) Degree Program

The course is hoping that through a five-year full-time study mode, train students to become interested in the early childhood education sector to become a qualified early childhood educator. During the period, relevant professional knowledge and teaching methods will be taught, and students will be promoted to form good social values ​​and moral concepts. The following is the specific course content : ( Because the course content is too much, here are only three examples )

Introduction to School System and Hong Kong Education Policy

Infant mental development

Child language development and literacy

15. Early Childhood Education Master of Arts Program

The course is available to interest or working in the early childhood education profession of early childhood educators, if not early childhood educators, if there had been studying related degree programs can also be, for example, psychology, education, and so on. By full-time or part-time forms of learning, to enhance their knowledge and abilities in the field of early childhood education. The following is the specific course content : ( Because the course content is too much, here are only three examples )

Preschool education curriculum development and evaluation

Compare preschool education and current issues

Development of children aged 0 to 8

16. Master of Education Program

This course is mainly provided to those who aspire to become the education industry or in-service educators. Through the comprehensive courses and specialized courses offered, students can freely choose course matching, comprehensive or in-depth understanding of education professional knowledge, and improve their own ability. The following is the specific course content : ( Because the course content is too much, here are only three examples )

School change management

Education Policy Research

Educational Changes in Chinese Society

17. Doctor of Education Program

This course is mainly provided to those who are interested in promoting the development of the education sector and have a relevant master’s degree. By studying related topics, conducting research, and writing papers under the guidance of professors, promote the development of education in related fields. The following are specific thematic categories :

Curriculum and Teaching

Educational leadership and policy research

Educational psychology

18. School Improvement and Leadership Master of Arts Program

This course is mainly provided to educators who are interested in improving school and student learning. Through a two-year part-time course, learn relevant knowledge and skills to improve school development. The following is the specific course content : ( Because the course content is too much, here are only three examples )

School improvement issues and new developments

Student leadership

Evaluation of school improvement

19. Professional Educational Psychology Master of Arts Program

This course is mainly aimed at people who already have a bachelor’s degree in psychology or related education. Through this two-year full-time course, you will become a qualified Hong Kong-registered educational psychologist. During the study period, relevant professional knowledge and skills will be involved, and internships are required. The following is the specific course content : ( Because the course content is too much, here are only three examples )

The history , professional issues and moral practice of educational psychology

Educational psychological assessment

Educational psychological intervention for children and young people

20. Master of Arts in School Counselling and Counselling

This course is mainly aimed at relevant professionals such as counselors or special needs service coordinators in schools. Through this course, they can learn relevant professional theoretical knowledge and practical internships to improve their own ability. The following is the specific course content : ( Because the course content is too much, here are only three examples )

Coaching theory

Introduction to Comprehensive School Counselling System

Career exploration and testing tools

21. Research-based courses – Master of Philosophy

This course gives people intending to conduct research in the field of education and related disciplines have bachelor’s degrees, through case studies delve into a single, complete research paper under the guidance of professors, to enhance their knowledge and ability to promote the development of education. The following is the specific course content : ( Because the course content is too much, here are only three examples )

Educational Administration

Educational psychology

Sports biomechanics

22. Research-based courses – PhD program

This course is provided to those who are interested in conducting research in the field of pedagogy and have a master’s degree in related disciplines, by studying single topic research, completing research papers under the guidance of professors, enhancing personal knowledge and abilities, and promoting the development of pedagogy. The following is the specific course content : ( Because the course content is too much, here are only three examples )

Curriculum research

Education Policy Research

Measurement , evaluation and research methods

23. Degree Teacher Education Diploma ( Early Childhood Education ) Course

This course is not a degree course, but a diploma course. After you complete the diploma course and pass, you can obtain the relevant teaching qualifications. This course will be conducted in the form of a one-year full-time or two-year part-time. Applicants need to be interested in becoming early childhood educators and meet the relevant academic requirements.

24. Graduate Teacher Education Diploma ( Primary School ) Course

This course is not a degree course, but a diploma course. After you complete the diploma course and pass, you can obtain the relevant teaching qualifications. This course will be conducted in a one-year full-time or two-year part-time mode. Applicants need to be interested in becoming primary school educators and meet the relevant academic requirements. At the same time, you need to choose a subject as a major, such as Chinese, English, Mathematics, General Studies, Visual Arts, Music, Physical Education.

25. Graduate Teacher Education Diploma Course

This course is not a degree course, but a diploma course. After you complete the diploma course and pass, you can obtain the relevant teaching qualifications. This course will be conducted in a one-year full-time or two-year part-time mode. Applicants need to be interested in becoming middle school educators and meet the relevant academic requirements. At the same time, you need to choose a subject as a major, such as Chinese, English, mathematics , general education, physics, chemistry, biology, information and communication technology, accounting, Chinese history, Western history, economics, geography, visual arts, music.

Course Features of the Department of Education, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

The School of Education of CUHK offers a large number of degree programs, and some degrees are double-degree systems. It takes five years to obtain a bachelor’s degree in a subject and a corresponding education bachelor’s degree, which not only takes into account the needs of students in the education industry but also provides sufficient protection for the education department. If you find yourself not appropriate to engage in education, can also be relying on another degree to engage in other occupations, such as editing, publishing, textbook writing, and so on. At the same time, most courses of the Faculty of Education of the Chinese University of Hong Kong provide internship opportunities, allowing you to combine practical internships during your studies, and gradually integrate your theoretical knowledge into teaching internships. It is worth mentioning that in the dual-degree program of Chinese Language Studies and Chinese Language Education, students will be trained to practice Mandarin and sent to inland cities for immersive learning, such as Beijing, and obtain relevant qualification certificates. In recent years, the “Zhong University Cloud Teacher” program has emerged, which allows students to have a more special teaching practice experience through online teaching. According to the Chinese University of Hong Kong demonstrated in 2020 Nian QS World University rankings discipline, the first Department of Education ranked the highest in 43 Wei.

What do I need to know before becoming a teacher?

Although the teaching profession is admired, there are many problems and challenges behind the glamorous profession. As a teacher, teaching is not simply a single job. If calculated in proportion, the teaching work of the teacher’s work accounts for about 60%, and the administrative work accounts for about 40%. How to balance teaching and administrative work is a university question, which requires continuous mastery of skills and familiarity at work. Judging from the current work of teachers, in addition to teaching, it is also necessary to lead extracurricular activities, such as leading volunteer activities on weekends or annual college exchange groups; or organizing students to set up interest groups, such as calligraphy, recitation, poetry, etc. Interest groups, these activities need to be led by teachers. At the same time, teachers also need to be responsible for guiding the emotional and spiritual development of students. If students have emotional problems, teachers need to understand and enlighten them as soon as possible. However, these things may not be done completely during your working hours, but also in your private Solved in time. In recent years, the teaching profession increasingly high entry barriers have appeared nearly half of the master’s degree in education teaching staff in individual schools, so you after becoming teachers also need to continue to pursue continuing education, their ability to continuously improve, to work in teaching China guarantees that it has enough ability to solve the problem.

Are there any scholarships for admission to the courses of the School of Education of CUHK ?

Scholarships for Bachelor Degree ProgramsScholarships for Masters/PhD ProgramsPostgraduate Education Diploma Program ScholarshipCollege Scholarship
Academic Excellence Scholarships for Non-local Fee-paying StudentsOuyang Jiefang Education AwardSchool of Education Alumni ScholarshipChung Chi College
District Bailing Charity Foundation ScholarshipHongdao Education Fund ScholarshipOuyang Jiefang Education AwardNew Asia College
Fushen ScholarshipMo Qingqiang Scholarship of Institute of Chinese CultureLin Aitang Education Research Assistant ScholarshipUnited College
Outstanding Service and Creative Student Award by the Chinese University of Hong Kong Alumni CouncilLi Baozhuang Charitable Trust Fund ScholarshipMs. Yang Cailiu Memorial ScholarshipShaw College
Academic Progress Award from the Chinese University of Hong Kong Alumni CouncilMs. Yang Cailiu Memorial ScholarshipMingxi Youth Award SchemeMorningside College
School of Education Admission ScholarshipMingxi Youth Award SchemeTalent Development ScholarshipShanheng College
Hongdao Education Fund ScholarshipTalent Development ScholarshipTian Jiabing Education Fund Education Research Assistant ScholarshipJingshuyuan
Hang Seng Bank Social Service Scholarship Yuqun Education ScholarshipWu Yi Sun Academy
Hong Kong Jockey Club Scholarship Scheme  Harmony College
HSBC Hong Kong Scholarship   
Innovation and Technology Scholarship Program   
Jichangtang Scholarship   
Jiang Yisun Memorial Scholarship   
Li Baozhuang Charitable Trust Fund Scholarship   
Mingxi Youth Award Scheme   
Yang Yuxiu and Qu Fengxiu Scholarship   
Chen Wu Yongci Scholarship   
Ms. Yang Cailiu Memorial Scholarship   
Teaching Practice Scholarship of the School of Education   
Shen Zuyao Scholarship   
Drinking Water Siyuan Scholarship   
Sun Guoyuan Scholarship   
Talent Development Scholarship   
The Tang Family Foundation Scholarship   
Du Yueli Scholarship   
Yu Ruichang Memorial Scholarship   

*(The above content is for reference only, please refer to the relevant official website for specific data and requirements)

How to get a biomedical degree? The 6 best biomedical jobs

The average life expectancy is relatively high in the world. In addition to daily health measures and nutritional balance, citizens also need to go to the hospital for regular check-ups. The high-tech medical devices in hospitals can quickly and accurately assess and diagnose people. This is exactly the professional technology that needs to be researched and developed in the biomedical profession and CUHK medicine.

Biomedicine is the application of theory and scientific knowledge to the medical industry, education, professional research, and development, etc., to provide protection for the health of the general public.The CUHK social science has relevant knowledge of this subject. If you still don’t know which subject to choose, then you can consider the Masters of Translation in Japanese Course at the Hong Kong Chinese University.There are many courses on campus that are worthy of your choice.

The continuous innovation of life medicine technology, the research and development of sophisticated medical instruments and equipment, the exploration of anatomy, bioengineering, various intractable diseases, etc., and the provision of reasonable and effective solutions play a key role in various fields.If you are interested in these contents, you can choose to study for the Master of Medicine at the University of Hong Kong. There is also a chance to obtain HK postgraduate scholarship.

Biomedical study?

Biomedicine belongs to the medical profession. It mainly uses the knowledge of physiology and biology to apply theories and techniques to clinical medicine. Because it is closely related to the fields of biology, health, medical equipment, etc., it occupies an important position in the medical field.

Biomedicine covers many fields, including biotechnology, biology, biostatistics, anatomy, microbiology, pharmacology, etc. The scientific theoretical knowledge and technology of biomedicine are applied to medicine and biotechnology to provide more clinical practice in the medical field.Hong Kong schools have a number of degree courses for students to choose from, such as Hong Kong Best PhD, postgraduate, master, etc. in Hong Kong. Students choose the appropriate courses according to their preferences.

Biomedical course content

Biomedical courses are divided into major courses and minor courses. During their majors, students can also choose other elective courses, such as health services, management strategies, etc. In addition to learning theoretical knowledge in class, students also need to perform simulated operations and experiments to increase practical experience. Here are five courses for everyone :

  1.   basic science
  2.   Medical treatment
  3.   Biomedical technology
  4.   Biological clinical research
  5.   Genetic research

Duration of study: four years

Biomedical school score

When many people choose biomedical schools and majors, what is most concerned about the school’s admission score? The following provides you with the admission scores of 5 schools in previous years. The data is for reference only. Please check the school’s official website for specific admission scores.

IDSchool Name2019 admission score
1Hong Kong university31
2Chinese University of Hong Kong33
3City University of Hong Kong38.5
4Hong Kong Baptist University24.8
5Hong Kong Polytechnic University23.5

The 6 best biomedical jobs

1.Medical director

The medical director is a popular position. The job requirements are mainly related to the management of the laboratory, urging employees to abide by laboratory rules, training professional laboratory technicians, etc., to ensure the accuracy of laboratory results.

Salary: Generally can reach HKD$78000

2.Researcher or assistant

If you want to work in the research industry, you need to take a higher degree program after graduation, such as a master’s degree in biomedicine. Some schools have full-time and part-time courses for this course. You can choose the study mode according to your needs.

If you come out to work after completing the Bachelor of Biomedicine course, then you can work as a research assistant. Many people have no experience when they just came out to work after graduation, so you can start with an assistant job, and you can study and work with your superiors, and the assistant’s salary will not be low, usually HKD$15000. You can accumulate experience in the future. Looking for better job development.

3.Laboratory technician

Some private hospitals or public hospitals are indispensable for laboratory technicians, so biomedical graduates have multiple institutions to choose from, such as biological companies, pharmaceutical companies, and so on.

4.Biomedical engineer

Each department in the hospital is equipped with a variety of medical equipment. In addition to providing complete equipment for the hospital, biomedical engineers also need to perform quarterly or annual maintenance on various machines.

The maintenance of medical equipment plays a key role in the hospital because the diagnosis of the equipment is about the life and health of the patient. The instruments in the operating room are compatible with various auxiliary instruments. This requires engineers to design a complete system that not only meets the needs of doctors but also makes the examination or surgery more smoothly.

5.Continue to study related courses and engage in education

Some people may feel that it has been a long time after completing the four-year bachelor course, and then they don’t want to continue their studies. In fact, after you continue to take related courses, you can get more comprehensive professional knowledge and develop a variety of abilities for yourself. When you join the society in the future, you can have a variety of positions to choose from, and education is also quite good.

6.Study abroad

Hong Kong is a city with a lot of room for development, but there are not many opportunities for the R&D industry. So if you want to have a better room for development, you can go out of the local area and go abroad for further studies. You will find a lot of job opportunities in the future.

Frequently asked questions about biomedical degrees

Q1: What do biomedical engineers mainly do?

Hospitals each a small department has a lot of different instruments, so the daily management and maintenance of the medical equipment category is the responsibility of biomedical engineers.

The selection, procurement, and analysis of instruments are all handled by engineers. Normally, doctors and other medical staff use instruments reasonably, which are adjusted and checked by engineers, so their daily work is also very important and cumbersome.

Q2: What are the requirements for applying for a master’s degree in a biomedical school?

You must first have a bachelor’s degree in medicine from a university, and you’d better have a grade B or above with excellent grades in any of these kinds of studies, so you can try to apply for admission to some well-known universities. You can go to the official website of the relevant school for specific admission requirements Inquire.

Q3: Are there any internship opportunities during the course of studying in a biomedical school?

Some universities will provide scholarships for outstanding students, mainly to enrich students’ international knowledge, increase foreign exchange opportunities and internship experience, and make research work more smoothly.

To sum up

The living standards of the general public have improved, but people have more and more hidden or chronic diseases, so people’s demand for medicine is also increasing. Biomedical engineering professionals have developed many advanced instruments for the medical field, providing a development platform for the medical field, so if you are a student interested in medicine, you can apply for a biomedical course.

How is the air quality in Hong Kong? Ecological governance is urgent

The environment is destroyed. It is not only the environment that is polluted, but also people’s moods and health. We should take good care of the environment and start with everyone.

The quality of air is related to whether a city is livable. Therefore, everyone can see that the top few places in the list of livable cities each year are cities with a good ecological environment.

In recent years, the ranking of Hong Kong ’s global livable cities has continued to decline, and it has also highlighted various problems of Hong Kong. Among them, Hong Kong ’s air quality is also one of the reasons for its continuous decline.

The advantages and difficulties of green environment in Hong Kong

The era of civilization is a period of further development and processing with natural materials, which is used in industry and other industries. Environmental awareness around the world has increased, and good use of “garbage” recycling is required.

What are the advantages of compulsory education in Hong Kong?

Education not only instills knowledge in the students but also ignites a fire in their hearts so that they can get the maximum benefit from their studies.

Education can cultivate large-scale useful talents for a country or region, so each region is vigorously promoting education. China has taken revitalizing the country through science and education as a basic policy and has achieved many achievements.

In Hong Kong, due to the official administration’s emphasis and support over the years, the city’s education industry is booming. Many parents send their children to this metropolis to participate in compulsory education and learning in the Pearl of Orient when they are young. So, what are the advantages of compulsory education in the city?

What are the benefits of doing business in Hong Kong? Let’s take a look at the business environment in Hong Kong

When we want to do business, we need to understand the market conditions and determine the business direction. The business environment also affects its success and failure.

In recent years, Hong Kong ’s business environment ranks among the best in the world. More and more mainland businessmen are doing business in Hong Kong. So, what are the benefits of doing business in the “Pearl of the Orient”? Let me take you through.

Significance of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Construction

The Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area was formally put forward in March 2016.

“The 13th Five-Year Plan for the National Economic and Social Development of the People’s Republic of China”, which clearly supports the important role played by Hong Kong and Macau in regional cooperation in the Pearl River Delta region and promotes Guangdong Construction of a major cooperation platform between Macau and Hong Kong Greater Bay Area and inter-provincial regions.

On July 1, 2017, under the witness of General Secretary Xi Jinping, the Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Lin Zhengyue, the Chief Executive of the Macau Special Administrative Region, Cui Shi’an, the head of the National Development and Reform Commission.

He Lifeng and the Governor of Guangdong Province Ma Xingrui signed the “Deepening “Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Cooperation to Promote the Construction of the Greater Bay Area Framework Agreement”, on October 18 of the same year, General Secretary Xi Jinping put forward at the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, clearly:

support the integration of Hong Kong and Macao into the overall national development Focusing on the construction of districts, Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao and Pan-Pearl River Delta regional cooperation, we will comprehensively promote mutually beneficial cooperation between the Mainland and Hong Kong and Macau, and formulate and improve policies and measures to facilitate the development of Hong Kong and Macau residents in the Mainland.

On December 18 of the same year, General Secretary Xi Jinping proposed at the Central Economic Work Conference that the construction of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area should be scientifically planned and the coordination mechanism should be accelerated.

The Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area consists of two special administrative regions of Hong Kong and Macau and nine Pearl River Delta cities in Guangzhou, Zhuhai, Shenzhen, Foshan, Huizhou, Dongguan, Zhongshan, Jiangmen, and Zhaoqing.

The population has reached 70 million since the end of 2018. One of the regions with the highest degree of economic openness and strong economic vitality has important strategic significance in the overall national development situation.

Hong Kong Finance one of the green development road pointing the way

How much wealth is in your life is not determined by how much money you can make, but by how you invest in financial management. We must seize the opportunity, and the opportunity is left to the prepared. In the face of finance, vitality may emerge in the next second.

The global economy has continued to shift from extensive to intensive development and has continued to transform and upgrade from traditional industries to new environmental protection industries. Today, the development of finance is also approaching a green development path. Among the major financial businesses in Hong Kong, the development trend of green finance has gradually become clear, becoming a rising star in Hong Kong’s financial business.

What are the legal institutions in Hong Kong?

The law is aimed at one person damaging the rights of others, but it does not prohibit others from exercising their rights. Those who do not understand the law cannot be an excuse for breaking the law. Good law has good social order.

Since the 1990s, Hong Kong dramas have been very popular in the Mainland. In particular, the metropolitan dramas use the city‘s various industries as the background to describe the operating environment of the entire society, so that mainlanders can better understand the real situation in the region. Among these HK plays, lawyer plays are a very popular subject. Many people are very interested in HK’s legal institutions after watching the show.

The environmental advantages of Hong Kong investment

Due to Hong Kong’s special history and geographical location, it has become a major economic and financial center and trade center in China.

Every year, many mainland residents and overseas residents go to Hong Kong to invest, set up companies, conduct trade transactions, etc., so that Hong Kong and the Mainland are closer and their contacts are more frequent. Does Hong Kong’s investment environment have such a big advantage? Where is it mainly reflected?