The advantages and difficulties of green environment in Hong Kong

The era of civilization is a period of further development and processing with natural materials, which is used in industry and other industries. Environmental awareness around the world has increased, and good use of “garbage” recycling is required.

There are three reasons why needs to develop a green industry

Resources can be cycled

With the development of basic industries around the world, more and more basic resources are being mined. The problems that followed were irrational use of existing resources, leading to environmental degradation and resource shortages. Existing industrial standards are far from meeting human needs for environmental protection. Environmental protection is not only a way to save resources, but also to make changes for the human living environment.

Get rid of shortcomings

As one of the regions that import heavy resources, Hong Kong does not have its mining area to ease the pressure on resources. In most cases, local resources are shipped from mainland China or purchased overseas. It is a huge living burden for the city‘s residents. Although the metropolitan income is among the highest in the world, it is also one of the areas with high expenditure in terms of overall costs.

Improvement of the human environment

Hong Kong’s green environmental protection was formally included in the topic, solving the existing resource problems, enabling resources to be recycled, helping the city to build more environmentally friendly enterprises locally, and getting rid of the situation where existing resources are dependent on imports so that some local resources can support themselves.

This needs to start with the corporate part, and it also has a deeper significance for the requirements of the human environment. Measures such as waste sorting must be synchronized with the construction of the local resource circle in the city.

Challenges of the human environment

The Pearl of the East and consumption power are well known to the world. A large number of luxury stores, as well as local basic design industries and numerous catering companies, have created a lot of domestic waste.

With the strict requirements for garbage disposal in various countries and regions, most of the’s garbage are also required to be consumed internally. The local waste treatment method mainly stays on firepower incineration, and only a part of it is reasonably processed into a recyclable resource.

Garbage classification, lasting resistance. As an important issue related to the local human living environment, garbage classification has also been put on the agenda, and related policies have been introduced, requiring people of appropriate age to learn garbage classification, which has alleviated the difficulties encountered in Hong Kong to a certain extent.

A large amount of domestic garbage has accumulated so that the garbage treatment in the short term still faces many difficulties. It is necessary to further improve its own garbage disposal system and build a more complete resource recycling plan so that the local living environment is fully improved.

Development of the environmental protection industry

Hong Kong’s environmental protection enterprises have developed rapidly. With strong local support, some enterprises have begun to evaluate the environment and introduced some related products.

Through the resource loop and the development of environmentally friendly materials, Hong Kong’s environmental pressure has also been eased. At the rate of waste produced in the region, enterprises are far from being fully filled.

With the gradual strengthening of environmental protection concepts in the region, environmental protection enterprises have also increased greatly. Some activities jointly launched by enterprises and local areas are intended to improve local environmental problems in the short term.

As an important part of sustainable development, Hong Kong’s local environmental protection enterprises will affect the overall environment. Under the premise of the high development of the financial industry, how to improve the local human environment is an important local research direction. We must find a suitable path between economic development and environmental protection so that the two can go hand in hand.

Hong Kong’s weak spots

From an existing perspective, environmental issues still affect this metropolitan local infrastructure. The local waste treatment system is not perfect, and the growing domestic waste cannot be quickly removed.

On the other hand, Hong Kong’s local resource procurement is not yet complete, and the high cost of living has increased the living pressure of many overwhelming migrant workers.

The city has also issued some related policies to improve existing shortcomings. It has formulated a recyclable use plan on the environment and gradually deepened the publicity of residents in terms of environmental protection. heart.

In terms of resource procurement, the local area also actively communicates with inland areas. Ensuring the supply of local products and necessities can guarantee the lives of local residents. The policy of advancing with the times allows resource issues to be solved as much as possible in today’s society. Although the overall performance is not very comprehensive, for some key points, it has been properly handled.

Air quality in Hong Kong

On the whole, this city’s air quality is not dominant. Compared to some areas where heavy industry pollution is more serious, the local air quality is not too bad, and most of the local industry is made up of the light industry. However, in addition to industrial factors, there are many factors affecting local air quality.

The first is the high traffic density. There are basically no heavy industrial enterprises and some enterprises with particularly heavy pollution in the local area. But for traffic density, it is relatively high in the world. The high level of vehicle exhaust is one of the reasons why Hong Kong’s air quality is being challenged.

On the other hand, some aspects of local energy treatment seem unreasonable, which is one of the reasons affecting local air quality.

As people’s requirements for the quality of life continue to rise, the local air quality has gradually improved, and some factors that may affect the local environment are gradually improving.

Development of green building materials in Hong Kong

As an important pillar of the Pearl of Orient, real estate has an extremely important position in the entire society. Facing today’s deteriorating environment, the green building materials used in real estate have also received widespread local attention.

Reinforced concrete is widely used in building materials. A large number of harmful gases and pollutants are emitted during the production of these basic materials.

Although most of the basic building materials are not locally produced in Hong Kong, they are discarded after the materials The use of it is still quite troublesome. Some materials can only be buried in situ due to the material being too hard, and the recycling cannot get too good economic effects, which is irreversible harm to the environment.

Local companies in Hong Kong have put forward some ideas for constructive building materials that cross the ages. Some of the building materials that have reached environmental standards have been used in infrastructure construction. The development of renewable or recyclable building materials has played an important role in the overall construction of the city.

Green materials

In practical applications, green materials are not uncommon. Most of the green building materials are made of green materials. In industrial production, the definition of green and environmentally friendly materials is very strict.

It is generally created by the use of clean energy technology, and there are few places that involve natural resources. In the current era, the development of environmentally friendly materials is an important indicator of sustainable development in a region. Oriental Pearl’s local environmental protection enterprises have developed rapidly, and they have also achieved international leadership in the research of environmental materials.

The so-called green materials have extremely strict requirements in the production and recycling process. They need to meet local requirements for green materials in order to be called green materials. The international universal concept believes that material must be harmless to humans and nature in terms of mining, production, and application before it can be called an environmentally friendly material. For some materials that do not reach similar standards, they can only be called pseudo-green.

The goal of the green development of this city

Green environmental protection is related to the development of Hong Kong’s local economy and society in a certain way. Although there is not much connection on the surface, from a broad perspective, the sustainable development of the environment has always been various The first consideration for advanced economies. The level of human consumption of resources, if no feasible sustainable development road can be found, then there will be a major setback for the overall economic construction of mankind in the next step.

The advancement of green environmental protection is an important issue for the local economy to maintain prosperity for Xiangjiang. The goal of the local community to build a sustainable and green environment is to integrate with the existing economic standards, to ensure that the two try to avoid collisions during the development process, and find a practical way.

With the strong support of Xiangjiang, the local environmental protection has developed smoothly, gradually moving to the world’s first ladder, and may become an important pillar industry in the future.

The possibility of sustainable development

For the possibility of sustainable development in Hong Kong, it mainly focuses on the advance layout and the high development of local education.

As early as the beginning of development, The city proposed to develop the light industry and the financial industry in earnest, but those heavy industries that are harmful to the environment are hardly visible. A good and reasonable industrial structure makes the local selection of sustainable development paths easier.

In addition, in terms of education, the construction of local universities is also world-class, which, in a way, increases the basic quality of local people and makes it easy to implement the principle of improving the cultural environment. In addition, in the training of professionals also have the advantage of getting the first month, the local environmental professional ranks in the world. Green environmental protection has great development prospects.

With China’s inland economic development, environmental issues are also one of the issues that need to be resolved as soon as possible. As an important financial center in the world, Hong Kong’s local environmental protection talents will also be reused.


Although the local environmental protection industry in Xiangjiang is not particularly perfect, there is a gap with first-class environmental protection areas such as Japan, which has done a better job in environmental protection. However, the basic layout of environmental protection is close to perfection. In the future, green environmental protection will be done more it is good.

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