What are the benefits of doing business in Hong Kong? Let’s take a look at the business environment in Hong Kong

When we want to do business, we need to understand the market conditions and determine the business direction. The business environment also affects its success and failure.

In recent years, Hong Kong ’s business environment ranks among the best in the world. More and more mainland businessmen are doing business in Hong Kong. So, what are the benefits of doing business in the “Pearl of the Orient”? Let me take you through.

Preferential tax system

Everyone knows that doing business requires paying taxes to the government, and Hong Kong, as a world-renowned tax haven, is favored by many people at home and abroad.

In Hong Kong, there are fewer types of taxation, and the tax rate is lower. Only a reasonable use of the taxation system can save a lot of operating costs for enterprises. Generally speaking, there are only two taxes to be paid for starting a business in Hong Kong. The first is the registered capital tax, which is paid according to the actually registered capital; the second is the profits tax, which is calculated according to the actual profit.

Doing business in Hong Kong does not make money and does not require the Hong Kong government to pay taxes. There is no import and export tax in this area, which makes the “Pearl of the Orient” international trade transactions extremely developed.

Complete free movement of capital and personnel

As a well-known free economic city in the world, Hong Kong benefits from the free mobility of its capital and personnel. It has signed visa-free agreements with more than one hundred countries in the world. The personnel exchange is very convenient, and it also provides great convenience for the transfer and introduction of talents.

In Hong Kong, there is no foreign exchange bureau. Therefore, foreign currency does not need to be regulated. It can be freely exchanged and there is no threshold for the entry and exit of funds so that foreign funds can enter and leave Hong Kong at any time, making trade more convenient.

Perfect financial system

The superior business environment is inseparable from the support of the local financial system. Because the financial industry is Hong Kong ’s largest industry, the government has attached great importance to the integrity of the financial system for many years.

There are many internationally renowned banks, insurance companies, securities companies and venture capital companies in Hong Kong. They provide a full range of financial services for the Hong Kong financial industry and solve many financial problems.

The integration of the financial industry and the technology industry has introduced the concept of financial technology, which has gradually shifted the commercial trade from the traditional offline model to the online, which facilitates businessmen to implement a series of operations in the enterprise, greatly reducing the time for business processing To promote the more efficient operation of the enterprise.

Interconnect with the Mainland

The amount of overseas investment that Hong Kong obtains year-round ranks in the forefront of Asia, and it can fully exert its advantages in attracting investment and provide more sources of funds for the development of the mainland economy. The vast market in the mainland will provide Hong Kong with valuable opportunities.

The rapid development of the Pearl River Delta and the convenient waterway, railway and air links between the mainland and Hong Kong have made Hong Kong a focal city for global economic development. Doing business in Hong Kong can not only enjoy the dividends abroad, but also fully enjoy the dividends brought by the development of the mainland.

To sum up

Hong Kong ’s business environment has always been praised by the world, and its unique advantages have always attracted businessmen from all over the world. In this free economic city, there are business opportunities everywhere. In the future, Hong Kong will also use its own characteristics to create a more attractive market.

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