What are the legal institutions in Hong Kong?

The law is aimed at one person damaging the rights of others, but it does not prohibit others from exercising their rights. Those who do not understand the law cannot be an excuse for breaking the law. Good law has good social order.

Since the 1990s, Hong Kong dramas have been very popular in the Mainland. In particular, the metropolitan dramas use the city‘s various industries as the background to describe the operating environment of the entire society, so that mainlanders can better understand the real situation in the region. Among these HK plays, lawyer plays are a very popular subject. Many people are very interested in HK’s legal institutions after watching the show.

1.Hong Kong court

The Hong Kong courts are the judicial organs of the city. They include a large number of institutions, such as the Court of Final Appeal, the Court of Appeal, the Court of First Instance, the Coroner’s Court and several magistrates’ courts. Each of them performs its duties to form a judicial system.

The Court of Final Appeal is the highest appellate court in the city. Its status is the same as that of the Supreme People’s Court in the Mainland. It is aimed at civil and criminal judgments brought by the High Court.

The Appeals Tribunal mainly deals with cases of the originating court and appeals from the District Court. It can also handle appeals from other tribunals.

The originating court has unlimited jurisdiction, and civil and criminal appeals from all levels of courts can be appealed to the originating court. The city has a total of seven magistrates’ courts, which are mainly responsible for criminal justice cases and have a wide range of jurisdictions.

2.Hong Kong Department of Justice

The supervisory authority in the Pearl of Orient is called the Department of Justice, which is equivalent to the Supreme People’s Procuratorate in the Mainland. It has independent prosecutorial power without interference from any department. It is the city’s largest legal institution and has a very special status.

The Department of Justice of Hong Kong needs to be fully responsible for the prosecution of all criminal cases in the metropolis, and it involves civil lawsuits. When the government is the defendant, the Department of Justice must be present and respond as the defendant. At this time, it represents the role of the official administration.

Among all the legal institutions in this city, the Department of Justice has played a huge role. It can help the public protect their legitimate rights and interests, apply for judicial review to the court, participate in the trial of major cases on behalf of the public, and assist the court in various tasks. Therefore, its scope of responsibilities covers administration, prosecution, agency, including law and policy formulation, etc. It is an out-of-the-box and most special legal institution. However, the Department of Justice does not have jurisdiction and the jurisdiction is still in Hong Kong courts.

3. Hong Kong Independent Commission Against Corruption

How can we ensure the continuous and effective operation of the officials? The city’s official administration established the independent commission against corruption as a special institution, making this metropolis one of the recognized non-corrupt regions in the world. The official has established a special agency, the Independent Commission Against Corruption, which has made the city one of the most recognized areas of integrity in the world.

Since its establishment, the Hong Kong Independent Commission Against Corruption has strengthened the anti-corruption efforts of various government agencies, judicial organs, and procuratorial organs. It has taken anti-corruption and anti-corruption as its purpose and protected the public’s interests to the greatest extent. The Hong Kong Independent Commission Against Corruption has made the organization run very well through its precise intelligent positioning and very reasonable system design. In daily work, it has played a huge deterrent role to various government agencies in the Pearl of Orient, ensuring that government agencies always maintain a vigilant attitude towards the public.


Under Hong Kong’s relatively complete legal system, major legal institutions check and cooperate with each other to create a clean and fair society.

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